Windows 11 Moment 3 Update brings a new look to settings and widget improvements (2023)

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Microsoft is officially rolling out the Moment 3 update for Windows 11 starting today, bringing with it a handful of improvements to various aspects of the experience. This update is optional for now, but these changes will also be packaged into a mandatory update by Patch Tuesday next month.

We have delved intowhat's new in Moment 3update, but here's a quick recap. One of the standout features is a new look for the Widgets panel, which now has a three-column layout, with two columns for news and one for widgets. Another big change is the ability to copy security codes from notifications, so if you use two-factor authentication and receive an email notification (or a synced SMS from your phone), you can immediately copy that code to your clipboard. .

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Windows 11 Moment 3 Update brings a new look to settings and widget improvements (1)

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The Settings app in particular is getting a lot of love with this update. You now have a new page for USB4 settings, where you can manage your USB4 docks and the devices connected to them. There's also a page for presence detection privacy settings now, so you can choose which apps can use presence sensors on compatible laptops. Additionally, it's now possible to enable content-adaptive brightness control on laptops even when plugged in, saving you more power, and the touch keyboard can now be displayed whenever you touch a text field, even if there's a physical keyboard. connected. The Accounts page has also been updated to accurately reflect the storage available across all of your OneDrive subscriptions.

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Windows 11 Moment 3 Update brings a new look to settings and widget improvements (2)

Source: Microsoft

In File Explorer, context menus now support access keys, so you can press a key on your keyboard that corresponds to a specific option in the menu. There are also accessibility improvements, including support for live captions in more languages, as well as support for accessing voices in more dialects of English. This update also adds support for Bluetooth Low Energy Audio to improve audio quality and battery life when using Bluetooth.

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All these changes come with a tagged updateKB5026446, which will bring your build number to 22621.1778. Candownload update manuallyhere if you prefer. In addition to these larger additions, Microsoft highlights the following changes:

  • This update fixes an issue that affects Narrador. Now correctly reports the text attributes of words, such as "misspelled", "delete change", and "comment".
  • This update fixes an issue affecting access to tab settings for sites in IE mode.
  • This update fixes an issue with the multifunction label printer. It affects the installation of some of them.
  • This update fixes an issue that affects audio playback. Crashes on devices that have certain processors.
  • This update fixes an issue that affects the touch keyboard. Shows incorrect layout for the French-Canadian language.
  • This update fixes an issue that affects the touch keyboard. Sometimes it doesn't show the correct layout based on the current input scope.
  • This update fixes an issue that affects the Chinese and Japanese Input Method Editor (IME). When you search inside the Emoji Panel (Windows key + period (.)), the search may fail for some of you.
  • This update fixes an issue that affectssearchindexer.exe. It stops working after log out. This issue occurs after you upgrade your machine to Windows 11 Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and sign in to that machine.
  • This update fixes an issue that affects Server Message Block (SMB). You cannot access the SMB shared folder. The errors are "Insufficient Memory Resources" or "Insufficient System Resources".
  • The update fixes an issue that sends unexpected password expiration notices to users. This occurs when you configure an account to use "Smart card required for interactive logon" and configure "Enable transfer of expiring NTLM secrets".
  • This update addresses an issue that affects the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS). It stops working. This occurs when you use Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).
  • This update fixes an issue that affects the Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) cluster. It may not be online. This occurs after a periodic password renewal. The error code is 1326.
  • This update fixes an issue affecting point sourcing. It fails files containing class definition in Windows PowerShell.
  • This update fixes an issue that affects the use of Event Viewer. The issue limits the number of event sources that non-administrator users can access.
  • This update fixes an Event Viewer issue. Affects the rendering of a forwarded event log.
  • This update fixes a memory leak. Occurs every time you print a rich text document.
  • This update fixes an issue that affects a computer when rendering a halftone bitmap. The computer stops working.
  • This update fixes an issue that affects devices that have multiple discrete GPUs. You cannot choose high performance GPUs from the default graphics settings page.
  • This update fixes an issue that prevents your device from working when you resume from Modern Standby. The error is 0x13A KERNEL_MODE_HEAP_CORRUPTION.
  • This update fixes an issue that affects applications that perform certain actions on a callback. Apps may stop working. These actions include closing a window (WM_CLOSE).
  • This update changes the Microsoft India support phone number for Windows activation.
  • This update changes the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) ranges for certain mobile providers.
  • This update fixes an issue that affects Windows Firewall. The firewall drops all connections to the IP address of a captive portal. This occurs when you choose the Captive Portal Addresses option.
  • This update fixes an issue that affects devices that are joined to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Windows Firewall cannot apply the correct domain and profile to them.
  • This update fixes an issue that affects Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC). You could create audit events that you don't need. This occurs when you choose the Off: Script Enforcement option.
  • This update fixes an issue that affects the Chinese and Japanese Handwriting Panel. Does not display text prediction candidates or becomes unresponsive. This occurs when you select a word from the Handwriting Panel candidate list.
  • This update fixes an issue that affects thespeechesdomain. It stops working. The device behaves as if you are not signed in to your account.
  • This update fixes an issue that could affect a large reparse point. You may get a stop error when using NTFS to access it. This problem occurs after an aborted FSCTL Set operation changes the parse label.
  • This update fixes a known issue that could affect some speech recognition apps. They may have sporadic problems with speech recognition, expressive input, and handwriting. This occurs when the display language is Chinese or Japanese. Apps may not recognize certain words. They may not receive any speech recognition input or the affected input types. This issue is more likely to occur when apps use offline speech recognition. For application developers, this issue only affects speech recognition that uses the Speech Recognition Grammar Specification (SRGS) inWindows.Media.Speech Recognition. This problem does not affect other types of speech recognition.

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As mentioned above, this update is optional for now, but you can install it simply by going to the Settings app and checking for updates. If you prefer to wait, these changes will be available on June 13 as a mandatory update that should include a few more fixes.


What is Windows 11 Moment 3? ›

The Windows 11 Moment 3 update significantly enhances search performance within Settings, while devices using a mouse with a high gaming report rate will see a performance boost.

What are the new features of Windows 11 March 2023? ›

At the end of 2023, Windows 11 finally added File Explorer tabs after years of begging by enthusiasts, and the March 2023 quality update brings tabs to the venerable Notepad app. Oh, and in case you missed it, Notepad was also updated last year to support Windows 11's Dark Mode.

How do I stop Windows from telling me to upgrade to Windows 11? ›

If you are in a hurry, follow the steps to stop Windows 11 updates:
  1. Type services. msc in the Run box.
  2. Scroll down to "Windows Update".
  3. Setting "Windows Update" to "Disabled" will stop Windows 11 updates... Full Guide to Disable Windows 11 Update.
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What features are lost when upgrading to Windows 11? ›

The following parts of the Windows shell are no longer available in Windows 11.
  • Lock Screen's quick status.
  • Tablet mode.
  • The Timeline feature in Task View.
  • The Save Search option in File Explorer.


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