[Solved] Spotify Keeps Pausing? 5 solutions! (2023)

ImSpotify-Community, Users ask all sorts of questions. But one of the most common questions is: "Why does my Spotify keep pausing?" This problem could be caused by improper usage, battery saver, cached data, etc. So how do we find out the reason and how to fix this problem? Let's investigate together!

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Part 1. Why Does Spotify Keep Pausing?

Spotify is a well-developed application with very few bugs that hamper the application. Despite this, the application is smooth. But when it starts behaving abnormally, like pausing for no reason, it gives you a head start. There must be good reasons for Spotify to swoon so much. We have delved into the topic and here are the best possible reasons for Spotify randomly pausing.

Reason 1. Multiple users for the same account

Using the same Spotify account multiple times is by far the hottest reason for Spotify to keep pausing for no reason. Sometimes we give our Spotify account to a friend or colleague and he/she starts using it. The thing about Spotify is that it only allows a single device to stream at a time. Suppose you have ever logged into your Spotify mobile music application. And open the web page for Spotify. It shows you the exact status of your smartphone. You can see the music playing in real time, and changes on the website will automatically stimulate the mobile device.

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So if someone else is playing a track, you won't know it on your smartphone, but Spotify will pause it for you. In fact, you don't need to share a Spotify account with others to save a subscription fee. There are tricks to getfree spotify premiumforever.

Reason 2. Excessive cache data

cache datahelps applications run better, only to a degree. Once the limit is crossed, you will find it difficult. Cached data helps the application preset according to your usage history of the application, including your likes and dislikes. It improves the user experience and supports the application in collecting sensitive data to help the customer. But it also generates complex sequences of commands that complicate the application's work.

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Reason 3. Battery saver

Low power mode or low power mode doesn't matter what you call it. But one thing is for sure: it makes the phone a little sloppy to take advantage of battery drain. Degraded performance means that the application has to work at sub-par performance, which makes the application not work well. It's a bit of a compromise if you're a Spotify Music fan.

Part 2. 5 Ways to Fix Spotify Keep Pauses Issue.

There is a solution to every problem. If the problem is as popular as Spotify, there are hundreds of recommendations and solutions. But you already know that most of them don't work. You may have already attempted to opt out before reading this letter. We have come up with the best and 100% working fixes for your Spotify pauses on your Android or Spotify pauses on your PC. The following solutions are universal.

Solution 1. Sign out of all devices

The first solution you should consider is removing all devices from your Spotify account. Go towww.Spotify.com, open the account overview page. Below the page you will see an optionSign out everywhere. Click that and you'll log out of any mobile device. Sign up now and try playing any song. This method should solve the problem in the first place.

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NOTE: Change the password to keep the account unique to you. The more are the releases. The greater the likelihood of deviations in the future.

Solution 2. Remove Cached Data

The cache is an easy fix for most errors and glitches in the application and prevents Spotify from pausing. If you don't share your Spotify with other devices, chances are very high due to excessive cache. Here is a simple and easy fix for that. open yoursIdeas, go tostorage, and openSpotify. Clear all cached data in the application and it's as good as the new one.

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NOTE: Read more:Is it Safe to Clear Spotify Cache?

Solution 3. Disable Low Power Mode

To maximize the potential of your application, disable power saving modes. This improves application performance and you will experience fewer hiccups - the application shuts down in the background to save battery life. It's a bit of a compromise. If you want to listen to smooth music streaming, you have to lose some battery.

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Solution 4. Reboot your device

Restarting your device solves half of the problem. Give your smartphone a fresh start and hopefully it will just get rid of the problem. Memory and storage for the device refresh themselves when their devices restart. As a result, the last incorrect commands and glitches will disappear and the application will run in a clean background.

Solution 5. Use SpotiKeep Converter

What if I tell you there is a better solution than any of the above solutions? Get rid of tiring settings, premium accounts and limited features. You don't need the Spotify application to run the Spotify music. How does that sound? Well, that's just a single tap away.SpotiKeep-Converteris an offline music downloader that downloads music directly from Spotify.

Features of SpotiKeep Converter

  • * Removes any DRM (Digital Right Management) protection from Spotify music
  • * Download Spotify songs without device storage limitation
  • * Convert Spotify music to accessible formats like MP3, MP4 and FLAC
  • * Supports 5x conversion speeds
  • * Retains the original audio quality

Downloading the songs is also straightforward. You can do it in simple and easy steps.

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Step 1.Download and install SpotiKeep Converter on your Windows or Mac computer.

Then start the program. In the meantime, please keep Spotify running in the background. If you don't, SpotiKeep Converter will automatically redirect to Spotify and keep it running in the background.

Step 2.Copy and paste the link of the song you want to download from Spotify. Drop it in the empty bar on top of the converter. Then click "add files."

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Step 3.You can select the formats of your downloads at the top right. The default output format is MP3, but you can change it to M4A, WAV or FLAC.

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step 4You can also customize the location of your songs at the bottom left.


step 5If you have met all the requirements, click NextConvertand the file will start converting right in front of you. Spotikeep converter only takes a few seconds to transfer and download the file.

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Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions about Spotify Keep Pause

Q1 How to stop Discord from pausing Spotify?

Answer:Spotify works great with Discord. The only caveat is that the music stops playing for more than 30 seconds after an active session on the mic And back to how to stop Discord from pausing Spotify?

Spotify pausing by Discord is avoidable with a little method. Use plugins for Discord that prevent Spotify music from pausing. Here are theSpotify-Discord Fix-Plugins.Or if you don't want to fall into all that chemistry. Just go to "User Preferences", open the "Voice and Video" settings, tap on "Audio Subsystem" and uncheck the "Use Legacy Audio Subsystem" option.

Q2. Spotify pauses when phone locks, how to fix?

Answer:Spotify pauses in the background mainly for two reasons.

The first of these is the low power saving mode. In power saving mode, the app slows down to perform at a sub-par level. And that's why it often crashes in the background due to lack of ram and space. To fix this problem, go to settings and turn off battery saver mode.

The second reason is the data saving mode. Your phone can automatically block Spotify from playing songs when it detects the immense amount of data consumed by the application to provide Hi-Fi audio quality. Disable this option for the smooth functioning of the application.

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Several other factors contribute, such as B. a low battery condition on an iPhone and turning off peak performance capabilities. No access to Spotify to play in background.

last words

We all know how good Spotify is for our daily use, and it hurts to drop an excellent application because of its unusual pauses. Well, no need to worry. We just got the best possible reasons and their solutions for the "Spotify keeps pausing" Problem. Please also visit Honorable Mention - SpotiKeep Converter. There is no going back after using it.

If you like our complete guides, feel free to check them outHow oneblog section. We're coming up with several intimidating questions from you in the best possible way.


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