Light up your bedroom in an instant with these bedside lamps (2023)

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Whether you are looking for a stylishdesk lampfor a tech-obsessed teen, or aDesk lampCasting the perfect glow for bedtime stories, the right lamp makes a charming addition to a child's room.

When shopping for a lamp for a little one, the first factor is likely to be appearance, and the good news is that there are some bright and fun lamps to choose from. Price also plays a role for parents, and durability is key when it comes to children of any age.

While shopping it's worth deciding whether you prefer a mains powered lamp or one with a USB charger, it comes down to personal preference. Similarly, consider whether you want a lamp that uses a standard light bulb or an LED. The latter will stay cool to the touch, making it a good option for little ones.

how we test

Our little testers ranged in age from four to 14 years old, and they chose their favorite lamps based primarily on appearance. To narrow them down, we look at value, durability, and any additional features like customization or multiple functions.

Some of the lamps on our list are designed specifically for children, often with additional safety features built into them. Others are standard lamps that would look great in an older child's room, so keep that in mind when you shop.

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The best children's lamps for 2022 are:

  • better overall– Dunelm tiger table lamp: £25,
  • Best for space themed rooms.– GLTC Navy Stardust Night Lamp: £40,
  • The best for fun in construction– Habitat Kids Wooden Rocket Table Lamp: £16,
  • The best for players– Smyth’s Toys Super Mario Piranha Plant Articulated Lamp: £24.99,
  • Best for older kids– Priormade geo pendant lamp: £144,
  • The best for dinosaur lovers.– M&S Dinosaur Lamp: £49.50,
  • Best for statement style– H&M turquoise metal table lamp: £39.99,
  • The best for tech lovers– Groov-e artemis wireless charging station with LED touch light: £34.99,
  • Best for Adult Glamor– Home Essentials Moroccan openwork table lamp: £25,

Dunelm tiger table lamp

Better:In general


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This charming table lamp will look fantastic in a jungle-themed nursery or child's bedroom. It is from Dunelm's main range and the tiger base is stoneware so it needs to be handled with care. But our nine-year-old tester loved the fact that it had a more grown-up feel than the cuter animal lamps we tested, and we love the fact that it won't be too "young" for him anytime soon.

The black velvet shade is metallic gold on the inside and the light it emits has a lovely warm glow that is perfect for relaxing. Elements like the flexible braided cord and hand-painted finish give the lamp a luxurious feel at a bargain price, and it would make a luxurious yet fun statement in any room in the house.

GLTC night light stardust navy blue

Better:For space-themed rooms


Designed specifically for children, the GLTC Navy Stardust Night Light has a fully enclosed LED bulb, so there are no hot objects for curious little fingers to touch. It's worth noting that the bulb isn't replaceable, but GLTC does give an estimated 17-year lifespan, by which time your little person will be on the bigger side.

We liked the fact that the lamp would perfectly complement a space-themed bedroom, and it's also available in grey, as well as a dinosaur design and a confetti-dotted print. GLTC stocks plenty of matching bedroom items for each, from storage organizers to bedding sets, and the navy stardust chandelier design is so classic it's easy to search for, too.

Habitat Children's Wooden Rocket Table Lamp

Better:For construction fun


Kids will love putting together this rocket-shaped lamp, which comes flat-packed into individual parts that snap together like a model kit. The rocket is made of natural wood, and with the light bulb in full view in the center, it has a super cool minimalist look once it's built.

The bulb is not included and you can choose a halogen LED up to a maximum of 3W. The lamp is mains powered with a bright orange braided cord which is nice and long and really finishes off the look. Plus, at a diminutive 23.5cm tall by 14.5cm wide, this lamp looks great on a shelf or nightstand without taking up a lot of space.

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Smyth's Toys Super Mario Piranha Plant Posable Lamp

Better:for gamers


Our Super Mario fan was very impressed with this lamp, which looks just as good when the bulb is off as it does when the lamp is in use. It has a fairly compact 25cm height and the stem is flexible so you can move your head around and use it as a reading light to focus on one area. The base is weighted to keep it from falling over when you put it back down, and the LED bulb isn't too bright. It's more of a novelty lamp for lighting up a kid's desk or play area than a lamp for lighting up a room, and it's worth knowing that it has a USB cable rather than a traditional plug.

Geo Pendant Lamp from Priormade

Better:For older children


We love these clever pendant lights - they're handmade in Bristol and fully customisable. When you order, you can choose the color of the paint, the cable and the strap, and choose if you want the switch on the cable or on the lamp. Kids will love the fact that they get a say in the design, and no two lamps are the same.

The wire itself is 3m long which means you can move it around the room and make a feature out of the colored wire. Our tester liked the fact that he could use the leather strap to hang it from a hook under his cabin bed. Just keep in mind that due to the length of the cord, this one is only suitable for older children and teenagers.

M&S dinosaur lamp

Better:For dinosaur lovers


This quirky dinosaur lamp was a hit because our tester loved the candy pink color, but it's also available in dark green if your little dino lover is a bit more traditional. The brachiosaurus-inspired matte-painted base, while looking a lot like a dragon, is solid and heavy. Fortunately, it has cloth pads underneath to keep it from marking your surfaces.

The little dinosaur head is bolted onto the drum shade, which is a much muted pink hue than the body. The bulb is LED and we liked that it was included, while the clear plastic cord is a nice touch.

Turquoise Metal Table Lamp from H&M

Better:For statement style


Not every kid wants a novelty lamp, and we found this metal version struck the perfect balance between fun flair and grown-up glam for our teen fitting room. They loved the turquoise green shade, although an equally lovely rust pink is available. Either way, the sleek modernist design and lacquered finish make this lamp an eye-catcher.

The lamp has an LED bulb, which is not included, and the curved shape of the lampshade emits a lovely soft light. We like the braided cable, though the black plastic switch would look great in a matching color. Lastly, it measures 37cm x 37cm, which is huge, much bigger than we expected, so it's perfect if you're looking for a standout feature for your kid's room.

Groov-e artemis wireless charging station with LED touch light

Better:For technology heads


Our teenage tester loved this stylish lamp, which doubles as a wireless charger. It's ideal for charging a compatible phone or technology like Apple AirPods - just place them on the charging pad in the base and the lamp does the rest.

The wireless charger has a 5W output and we found it worked best when left to charge all day or overnight. The lamp itself is an LED light and is touch sensitive so you can touch it in three different modes. We especially liked the fact that it runs on current.

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Home Essentials Openwork Moroccan Table Lamp

Better:For adult glamor


If you're looking for a Moroccan lantern-style lamp for an older child but don't want to break the bank, this beautiful openwork lamp is just the thing for you. It's a lovely way to add a feminine touch to a bedroom without being too girly, and we were just as impressed with the price as the overall look.

The lamp really comes to life when lit as light filters through the intricate patterns to create beautiful shadows. The metal frame feels sturdy and the overall finish is of a high quality, especially considering it's half the price of similar items we found. Just keep in mind that you need a standard bulb, which is not included, so we recommend it as one for older children.

The verdict: lamps for children

Dunelm tiger table lampIt made it to the top of our list for its great quality and eye-catching style at an affordable price. If you are looking for more safety features for a younger child, we recommendNavy Stardust Lamp from GLTC, which has a fully enclosed LED bulb.

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